By Adam Campbell-Schmitt
Updated February 25, 2016
© Arby’s Restaurant Group

It's a good bet that most self-respecting vegetarians have never set foot in an Arby's. Hell, it's possible most self-respecting carnivores haven't either. But come February 29th, meat-avoiding folks may have a reason to take their lunch break at the nation's finest/only roast beef-based fast food chain. For one day only, Arby's will offer a meat-free menu. The items will be meatless variations of current menu items, like the Beef 'n' Cheddar and Smokehouse Brisket Sandwich but with vegetables taking over as the main ingredient.

What may seem like more of an April Fools Day prank than a Leap Year celebration is actually a stunt to drive vegetarians into Arby's 3,400+ restaurants nationwide on a more regular basis. "We're proud of our meats and haven't been shy about promoting them, so we wanted to show vegetarians that with a little creativity, Arby's can fit into their diets as well," Arby's tells Mashable. And assuming the one-day campaign is a success, Arby's even plans to bring back the menu every February 29th. Maybe Arby's has been in the beef business too long, as they apparently think vegetarians only need to eat once every four years.

[h/t Mashable]