The chain best known for its roast beef will also be testing out an elk option in three locations.

Burgers and sandwiches built around unique meats are nothing new. Bison, boar and ostrich burgers have all found their way onto restaurant menus. Heck, you can walk into most locations of Bareburger and find things like elk, lamb, and duck patties all under one roof. But outside-of-the-box meats aren't necessarily what you'd expect to find at a major fast food chain. And yet, when it comes game meat, Arby's is about to embark on a restaurant chain first, bringing a venison sandwich to every single Arby's outlet across America.

The chain best known for its roast beef first tried out its limited-time-only Venison Sandwich last year, testing the unprecedented fast food item in five "hunting-centric" states. According to the company, those supplies sold out "within hours" and left many venison fans wondering when they could grab this gamey grub in their own neck of the woods. Well, on October 21, those who have been pining for a fast food deer meat option will want to make a break for Arby's. The brand says it's bringing the popular sandwich to every single Arby's restaurant—but only while supplies last. "They are expected to go quickly," the chain adds.

deer meat sandwich from Arbys
Credit: Courtesy of Arby’s

"The positive response to our limited offering of venison last year was so widespread and passionate that we knew we had to find a way to offer it nationwide," Jim Taylor, Chief Marketing Officer of Arby's Restaurant Group, said in a statement. "On October 21, we want hunters and meat enthusiasts across the country to visit their local Arby's and enjoy this amazing sandwich. It's a perfect example of the level of innovation coming from our teams and our commitment to creating experiences that guests can only get at Arby's."

And that's not all: On the same date, Arby's will also be testing out an Elk Sandwich in one location in each of "the popular elk hunting states of Colorado, Wyoming, and Montana."

But let's not get ahead of ourselves: What's the Venison Sandwich all about? Arby's describes it as "a thick-cut venison steak" that "is marinated in garlic, salt, and pepper and then sous-vide for three hours to juicy, tender perfection." It's then topped with crispy onions and "a Cabernet steak sauce infused with juniper berries" and served on a "toasted specialty roll." Meanwhile, if you're lucky enough to score the Elk Sandwich, it swaps out the juniper berry sauce for a "blackberry port steak sauce." Whether you're into unique meats or not—whether you're into fast food fan or not—it all at least sounds pretty tasty.