Tattoo artist Miguel Montgomery is helping sandwich fans show their devotion.

Okay, so you say you love food. But do you really love it? Is there any one dish you’re so fond of, you’d proudly wear it on your arm or ankle or lower back for the rest of your life? If so—and you happen to be thinking about sandwiches—Arby’s may have the opportunity you’re looking for. Showing your devotion to both getting ink and eating sandwiches is the goal behind the restaurant chain’s upcoming free tattoo promotion happening this weekend.

On Saturday, September 22, interested human canvases can head down to Long Beach, California’s Port City Tattoo (4290 E Pacific Coast Hwy, Long Beach, CA 90804) and score a free piece of permanent art courtesy of Arby’s. The event is marking Arby’s #SandwichesPorVida, or “Sandwiches for Life” campaign (which is to say, "you're stuck with this sandwich tattoo for life," not "free Arby's sandwiches until you shuffle off this mortal coil").

But stacks of roast beef slices between buns aren’t the only option. Tattoo artist Miguel "Uzi" Montgomery created a series of Arby’s-centric designs (some more overtly Arby’s-themed than others) that will be available to any willing party (at least 18 years old). Honestly, we’d never thought about getting a curly fry tattoo before, but the sample artwork is making us reconsider.

Not included in the lineup of available tattoos, however, are Arby's recently-discovered new menu items: Beer cheese and a beer-braised beef. Maybe if those crave-able items go nationwide, they'll be available in a future tattoo event.

Arby’s isn’t the only chain using tattoos to promote itself. Austin's Banger's will give you a tattoo of its logo for free. And recently, Domino’s pizza in Russia found out the hard way that people will do anything for free food when that company offered a “100 free pizzas per year for 100 years” deal to anyone willing to tattoo the Domino’s logo on their body. As it turns out, free pizza is a huge motivator, and a ton of folks took them up on the offer. So many, in fact, that Domino’s had to end the promotion.