"Arby’s loves unusual creatures, too."

First, it was the Unicorn Frap. Then the Dragon Frap. And just when you thought it couldn't get any worse, the Pink Pegasus Frap came flying in. Don't even get us started on mermaids...

And it's just not Starbucks. Since then, from all corners of the market, there's been a slew of other colorful, sugary drink inventions with equally inventive names.

But just when you thought we were tapped out of mythical creatures to devour in beverage form, Arby's—an unlikely hero, for sure, but a hero nonetheless—is here to save the day.

"Arby’s loves unusual creatures too—but not the imaginary or docile kind," reads an emailed press release from the fast-food brand. "No, Arby’s loves real, powerful creatures, which is why the restaurant is proud to announce the introduction of its latest shake: The Liger."

Arby's Liger Milkshake
Credit: Courtesy of Arby's

That's "liger" as in the magic hybrid of a lion and tiger. The concept may sound a little crazy if you've never heard of the animal before (Haven't you seen Napoleon Dynamite? Gosh!), but it's actually a very real creature, albeit one without any magical powers. Like the majestic liger, Arby’s Liger Shake is a hybrid of its own. It's supposedly a cross between the brand’s Ultimate Chocolate Shake and its Orange Cream Shake.

And while we're not totally sold on this last part, even the colors of the drink are intended to replicate the stripes of the liger; the release explains that the shake sports "a handsome, liger-like blend of colorful stripes that is bursting with rich, sweet flavors."

Truthfully, it looks orange and brown to us. But you know what, Arby's? We're so grateful you took a stand against the unicorn movement, we're willing to play pretend.

Sadly, we'll only have until the end of the month to do so. The oh-so-elusive shake will be available at Arby’s restaurants for a limited time, throughout the month of June. The good news: It can be ordered at the brand's restaurants nationwide.

Will the liger-inspired drink take over and become the latest pink and turquoise Instagrammable craze? Only time will tell. Until then, drinking the Liger Shake is probably the most delicious way to fight back.