Arby's meats now include the entirety of Buffalo Wild Wings—but what does that mean for diners?
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Credit: Courtesy of Buffalo Wild Wings

"We have the meats," goes Arby's slogan, and now among those meats is none other than Buffalo Wild Wings. That’s right—to cap off a strange year that's seen the nation's second-largest sandwich chain introduce a "Liger" milkshake, almost instantly sell out of venison and elk sandwiches, and finally confront the man behind the popular "Nihilist Arby's" Twitter account in person, Arby's Restaurant Group has reached a deal to acquire the casual dining chain.

With the two titans colliding, the Internet naturally has some questions (and thoughts, and feelings):

This is the big one, though: What do Buffalo Wild Wings' 1,238 casual dining locations bring to the tables of Arby's 3,300-plus fast-food restaurants? Casual dining, in general, has slumped recently, so much so that Buffalo Wild Wings was in debt before the purchase. On the other hand, Arby's does not currently have Buffalo wings among its meats stable, so perhaps they're looking to add it?

Several Twitter users have other ideas: could Arby's—no stranger to experiments—be looking to combine the two chains' top dishes into one? Are Buffalo roast beef sandwiches somewhere in the future? Could a simple Buffalo wings/curly fries combo be the game-changer casual dining needs to get back on track?

While the "where's the beef?" slogan is Wendy's, an underrecognized fast food fact is that for the hamburger fast-food chain, some of the beef is actually at Arby's. Really! Wendy's owns 18.5 percent of Arby's, which means that as of today, some of the beef just may be at Buffalo Wild Wings, as well.

Perhaps the biggest question of all is this: With Arby's increased stake in the game meat game—could actual buffalo be on future Buffalo Wild Wings menus? So far, no plans have been announced, but thanks to Arby's, Buffalo Wild Wings just might end up more wild than ever.