Here's where the new items have been spotted on the menu.
Credit: Jack Andersen/Getty Images

Arby’s motto is “We have the meats.” And what goes with meat better than beer? No, that doesn’t mean that Arby’s has started serving beer—though the company’s CEO did float the idea earlier this year. But the chain—which has been working to add some more interesting options in recent years, including a buzzworthy venison sandwich—is apparently testing a handful of beer-accentuated products.

According to Brand Eating, a reader tipped off the site after he spotted beer cheese and beer-braised beef on the menu at an Arby’s in Evansville, Indiana. In total, four sandwiches are reportedly part of this test: a Beer Braised Beef sandwich, a Beer Cheese Triple Stack sandwich, a Corned Beef sandwich, and a Double Roast Beef sandwich. Though the meats on these selections vary, they all contained the aforementioned beer cheese, as well as crispy onions, mustard, and pickles on a toasted pretzel bun.

As far as feedback, all Brand Eating can tell us is “Jody, who spotted the sandwich, tried and enjoyed the beer braised beef, which he described as similar to ‘beer-flavored pot roast.’” Jody, come on! Where are your notes on the beer cheese?! It’s not like we can all just swing by the Evansville Arby’s to find out!

In fact, details on these beer cheese offerings are almost shockingly thin at this point. A search on Twitter for the terms “Arby’s” and “beer cheese” currently only brings up six results dating all the way back to 2012. You’d think there’d be more tweets than that simply from Arby’s fans saying, “Hey Arby’s, y’all ever thought of serving beer cheese?”

So alas, at this point, beer cheese fans with a hankering for Arby’s will have to be patient until more information emerges. We’ve reached out to Arby’s to find out how many restaurants are getting these items and whether they are considering bringing them nationwide but have yet to hear back. Until then, just an FYI: American, Delta, and United all apparently fly into the Evansville Regional Airport.