The food world is ripe for some hilarious fake news.

By F&W Editors
Updated May 24, 2017
nestle coffee mate
Credit: © Nestlé

While April 1st is the official day of pranks, a lot of food-related companies have already gotten in on the fooling game this year. Whether you need your breath to smell like a burger first thing in the morning, or never want to drink a full serving of water ever again, these brands have the bogus products and promotions you’ve been looking for.

Krispy Cream

The kitschy double K naming finally got a spell check, or at least half of a spell check with the UK outpost of Krispy Kreme tweeting a message from the company’s Chief Doughnut Officer that it would be changing the company’s name to Krispy Cream. Apparently it was just sly enough of a prank that some media outlets took the announcement seriously. Krispy Kreme UK has since tweeted a few more times using the hashtag #KremetoCream, which seems to be more about teaching Brits to properly say “kreem” versus “krem.”

Whopper Toothpaste

Burger King knows what you want: burgers. All day, every day. That’s why the French branch of the fast food chain hoped to rope fans of all things beef and bun in with a Whopper-flavored toothpaste. Although the ad urges you not to use the toothpaste before 3 p.m., who says you can’t have burger breath all-morning long? Also, hey, why does Europe get to have all the Fool's Day fun?

Auntie Anne’s Millennial Logo

Mall snack staple Auntie Anne’s pretzels allegedly decided that their logo needed a new look to reach a younger audience. Its solution? Replace the halo above their iconic pretzel with a Snapchat-filter-inspired flower crown. Yeah, we didn’t realize there was a halo on their logo either.

auntie anne's
Credit: © Auntie Anne's

Coffee-Flavored Creamer

Are you a fan of creamy coffee but hate the taste of cream in your coffee? Us neither. Which is why Coffee-Mate raised some eyebrows with their announcement that their newest flavor would be… coffee. That’s like putting Sunny D in your fresh-squeezed orange juice.

nestle coffee mate
Credit: © Nestlé

Pit-less Avocados

Everyone knows avocado pits are just the pits. (Sorry, couldn’t resist.) Other than being fodder for elementary school science projects, the big, slippery seeds just get in the way of getting to your guacamole. That’s why a Brooklyn rooftop farmer caught grocery delivery service Fresh Direct’s eye when she figured out how to grow the creamy fruits without the pit. Well, kind of…


Paris Hilton isn’t just a celebutante, she’s also a scientist. In order to save the world from plastic bottles, the heiress invented a new, super condensed sparkling water. Just one drop is like drinking an entire bottle of seltzer. Okay, if that sounds too good to be true, Hilton admits it’s not real. But she does claim the next best thing for reducing plastic waste is SodaStream. Because, you know, it’s their prank.

Grubhub Delivery X

If your pad thai showing up in a crummy car or on a measly moped isn’t good enough for you, there’s a new, more extreme way to get your dinner delivered. Grubhub wants you to believe they’ve hired parkour athletes and pro-skaters to bring you your lazy Saturday breakfast or late night craving.

Bush’s Jelly Beans

Bush’s wants to move past their side dish image and venture into uncharted legume territory by offering up cans of jelly beans. It’s probably best this is just a gag because the marketing alone would be a nightmare. For starters, would look for these in the candy or canned food aisle?

bush's beans
Credit: © BUSH’S

Jim Beans

Don't worry about Bush's refocusing on confections, bourbon maker Jim Beam has you covered. They're introducing their of official line of Jim Beans: straight Kentucky beans aged one day in a tin can.

72-hour Energy Drink

Pulling an all-nighter just got a lot easier. Study aide and tutoring service Chegg has just released an energy drink that will keep you awake for three full days. “Chugg” comes in a variety of campus-appropriate flavors, like College Tears, Bank Rupt and Struggle Bus. Apparently they pack a whopping 11,200 calories, contain ground up unicorn horns and have the same consistency as microwaved macaroni and cheese, which any Easy Mac-subsisting sophomore can appreciate.

Credit: © Chegg, Inc.


Do you ever get that...not so fresh feeling? We know you wish you could spruce up your odor by smelling like a delicious brunch classic. And Plated is here to douse you in eau de waffle. The meal kit service has three different perfumes: Waffles and Maple Syrup, Cacio e Pepe and Rosemary Roast Chicken. Now, even if you don't know how to cook, at least you can smell like you do.

Credit: Courtesy of Plated