From pretzel-scented essential oil to chocolate hamburgers to butter-based lip balm.
Chocolate Whopper
Credit: Courtesy of Burger King

Each year toward the end of March, we in the food media have to cast an extremely skeptical eye upon our inboxes. April Fools' Day pranks have become increasingly popular as public relations stunts, with companies attempting to top themselves with fictional-yet-probable products that may or may not actually be available come April 1. This year is no exception, so below we've rounded up some of funniest food-based gags we've seen so far and ranked them based on how long it took for us to realize they were fake, from least to most convincing.

13. FreshDirect's Rabbit-Foraged Herbs

This short doc follows the trainer who teaches bunnies to pick the freshest herbs to include in FreshDirect's online grocery offerings. It's too sketch-like to be taken seriously, but when it comes to sourcing ingredients as locally and sustainably as possible, it's a solidly funny take.

12. White Castle Slider Whey Protein Powder

The only thing less-convincing than a burger chain getting into the protein powder business is the production value of this intentionally low-fi advertisement. Besides, we'd take a sack of 27 actual White Castle burgers over a protein shake any day.

11. Nissin x Zenni Ramen Glasses

Credit: Courtesy of Zenni/Nissin Foods

If you wear glasses and enjoy soup, you know that sometimes dipping your head down to slurp a noodle or sip some broth from the bowl can lead to temporary blindness by way of condensation. Nissin (the soup company behind the noise-canceling fork) teamed up with Zenni Optical to solve that problem with these ramen-eating glasses which feature fog-resistant lenses, a tiny fan to blow steam away, and an integrated, detachable fork for enjoying Cup Noodles anytime, anywhere. If you're already searching the Zenni Optical website to find a pair, good luck. They're, sadly, not actually for sale.

10. Popchips Unicorn Balls

Popchips Unicorn Balls
Credit: Courtesy of popchips

Firstly, yuck. Secondly, while we've seen everything "unicorn-ed," from cereal to ramen, real or not we're totally fine leaving these (slightly raunchy) crunchy, cream-filled balls made from "milk powder, unicorn tears, enchanted magic, liquid love, essence of pink, and organic sparkles" on the table. Sorry, Popchips!

9. SodaStream's SodaSoak Bath Carbonator

If you're in love with bubbly water in a glass, putting it into your bathtub may be the next-level obsession-sating step you've been waiting to take. SodaStream upped the ante with a parody of its own ads, even getting its actual spokesperson Thor Bjornsson (Game of Thrones' The Mountain) to appear in this commercial hosted by Shahs of Sunset's Reza Farahan. Okay, so SodaSoak is pretty clearly a fake product, especially once waterbeds get involved, but we'll give it an A for effort.

8. Auntie Anne’s Pretzel Essential Oils

Credit: Courtesy of Auntie Anne's

The intoxicating scent of Auntie Anne's pretzel shops is practically synonymous with mall shopping, but even with fewer malls and the move to online retailers you can still experience the olfactory sensation of strolling by an Auntie Anne's thanks to the chain's new "House of A" line of essential oils. The trio of oils come in Freshly Baked, Salty, and Cinnamon Twist scents. Or they would, at least, if they were real. Hey, we believed it for a moment. When fried chicken sunscreen exists, anything is possible.

7. Glasses Meet Meat at WArby's

Credit: Courtesy of WArby’s

What happens when trendy, indie glasses company Warby Parker and roast beef sandwich chain Arby's team up? You get a fresh line of t-shirts, hats, lens cloths, an onion ring "monocle" and, yes, beef-colored glasses. Hey, there are a ton of fast food-meets-fashion collaborations already, so why wouldn't this one seem believable? Two actual WArby's pop-us will actually be open from Friday, March 30 through Sunday, April 1 in New York City selling the merchandise, which will also be available at all NYC Warby Parker locations.

6. Burger King's Chocolate Whopper

The ingredients alone make this all-chocolate-and-candy Whopper from Burger King a perfect April Fools' Day fodder. Not only does it look like an actual hamburger, it's got a mouthwatering list of sweet ingredients: a chocolate cake bun, a flame-grilled chocolate patty, white chocolate "onion" rings, candied blood oranges as "tomatoes," milk chocolate shavings as "lettuce," and vanilla frosting and raspberry syrup as mayo and ketchup. We'll say we fell for it—not because we thought it was probable, but because it's actually possible.

5. Bulletproof Grass-Fed Butter Lip Balm

Bulletproof changed the coffee game by convincing devotees that a little butter makes coffee even better, and while butter certainly is the answer to most of life's problems, founder and CEO Dave Asprey's "science"-backed tutorial explaining how to make the dairy product into lip balm admittedly has that "we want to believe" appeal.

4. High Brew Cold-Brew Caffeine Patch

Contact High Caffeine Patch
Credit: Courtesy of High Brew Coffee

Cold brew is billed as being the mellow, less-bitter alternative to regular iced coffee while still packing a caffeinated punch. But what if you want to ditch drinking it all together? That might be a shaky business model for a coffee company, but nevertheless, High Brew tried to fool us with this cold brew caffeine patch which, while not completely besting our wits, does sound like a real thing the FDA could be weighing in on any day now.

3. Blasé Rosé Infused with Activated Charcoal

Blase Rose
Credit: Courtesy of L.A. Wine Project

L.A. Wine Project's latest rosé is totally over it. Called the "rosé of indifference," it's said to be made from "grapes that have seen it all: drought, industrial pesticides, mechanical harvesting," and that "truly don’t have AF left to give." The wine is then blended with "tranquil-farmed, silent-harvested, scorched-black activated charcoal" and aged "until they develop a sort of immutable amenability." With the on-trend charcoal ingredient and a $99 price tag, this one definitely had us fooled.

2. Chuao's 101% Dark Chocolate

California Collective’s 101% Dark Chocolate bar
Credit: Courtesy of Chuao Chocolatier

How dark and bitter you like your chocolate bars might as well be a question on dating apps. It's the Sleep Number of confections. Taking a cue from the ever-growing market for high-cacao-percentage chocolate and as a nod to the famous west coast thoroughfare, fair trade chocolatier Chuao mocked up this California Collective "high percentage highway" 101% Dark bar which, for those of us who think 85% is for chumps, sounds like heaven.

1. Energizer x Peeps

Peeps and the Energizer Bunny
Credit: Courtesy of PEEPS® and Energizer®

Come on. Peeps already come as pink bunnies. They already have faces. Putting sunglasses on them just seems too legit not to do! Admittedly, this collaboration between the candy company and the battery maker had us saying "wait, what?" a few too many times.