These monthly drink specials celebrating their one-year anniversary.

Another month, another Applebee’s drink special. By now, you’re probably aware that the casual dining chain has been on a yearlong rampage of inexpensive drink specials, launching in October 2017 with the introduction of “Dollaritas”—the $1 margarita of every sugar-loving lush’s dreams. Twelve months on and we’ve seen plenty of iterations: things like $1 Long Island Iced Teas, $1 Bahama Mamas, the return of $1 Dollaritas. Last month, the special was $2 Oktoberfest beers from Sam Adams. At this point, maybe you’re genuinely interested in the next month’s offer; or maybe you just can’t wait to see what Applebee’s wants to dabble in this time around. Either way, the promotion is obviously working well enough that it’s now celebrating its one-year anniversary. And though circling back around to where it all started—the Dollarita—would have been fitting, instead, Applebee’s is opting for a drink with a seasonal tie-in: Dollar Zombies.

“There’s a zombie outbreak—just in time for Halloween,” the chain says of this latest cocktail deal. Though our version of a Zombie varies a bit from Applebee’s take, their one dollar version is billed as “a mixture of rum, pineapple, passion fruit, cherry, lime and is garnished with a gummy brain.” (For the record, we suggest garnishing with a mint sprig instead… but to each their own.)

A Zombie is an interesting choice: Yes, the seasonal tie-in is clear, but unlike a margarita—which is a fun, beachy drink—the Zombie supposedly earned its name thanks to leaving those who drink it in an undead-like state. So it’s a fun idea in theory, but you have to wonder just what direction your average Applebee’s visitor is looking to take their evening in.

Regardless, as has been the case with the other offers in the past, this Dollar Zombie is served in a 10-ounce mug and available, for dine-in only, nationwide throughout the month—though Applebee’s does warn that price, participation and hours or availability may vary by location, especially in certain states “due to legalities.”

As an interesting side note, the casual dining chain also explains that this “marks the first time Applebee's has crowd-sourced its Neighborhood Drink of the Month, with guests providing input on everything from the drink's color to the flavors and garnish.”