It’s the restaurants spin on a Bahama Mama.
one dollar bahama mama at applebees all month
Credit: Andrzej Siwiec / EyeEm / Getty Images

Applebee’s attempt to reimagine all of the world’s cocktails as cheap, goofily-named, one-buck iterations is continuing unabated. It started back in October when the brand offered a month-long special featuring dollar margaritas—which were fittingly called “Dollaritas.” Then, for December, Applebee’s promised a month of $1 Long Island Iced Teas, known at the eatery as Dollar L.I.T.s. Now, after once again skipping a month, the Neighborhood Grill + Bar is back again, this time bringing its inexpensive spin to the Bahama Mama—which has been anointed (why not?) a “Dollarmama.”

At this point, you either know the drill or have completely taken Applebee’s off your radar (in which case, how have you even made it this far?). For the entire month of February, participating restaurant locations across the country will be serving up these $1 drinks “all day, every day” for guests who are dining in… or at least drinking in. (No takeaway dollar booze yet, unfortunately!) According to the company, Dollarmamas are “made with white rum and Applebee's new, proprietary mix of pineapple, lime and orange juices with hints of coconut and cherry.” Though Bahama Mamas might seem out of season for this winter month, Applebee’s suggests it made the choice to “have you feeling summer vacation vibes all February long.”

“We're proud to introduce our own unique twist on the popular Bahama Mama drink to our guests,” Patrick Kirk, vice president of beverage innovation at Applebee's, said in a statement. “We know Applebee's fans are going to love the tropical fruit flavors of the new recipe we created just for the Dollarmama. For $1 you can experience the perfect winter getaway in a glass.”

Seeing as this is Applebee’s third time hawking one-buck mixed drinks, you have to assume these promotions are proving successful for the brand. If that’s the case, we might see the chain keep this trend going into the spring and summer. Anyone care to wager on what the next drink might be? Dollarcoladas anyone??