The ‘Neighborhood Drink of the Month’ promotion continues in 2019 unabated.

January 1 marked the beginning of a new year, of course, but it’s also the beginning of a new month — and in Applebee’s land, that means something else dropped besides a giant ball: The Grill + Bar has launched its first new “Neighborhood Drink of the Month” bargain booze special for 2019.

Following on the heels of last month’s “Dollar Jolly” — a cocktail collaboration with candy brand Jolly Rancher — Applebee’s kicks off this year with another big name partnership… though this one proves to be far more traditional. For all of January, the chain will be offering $2 Captain and Colas made, as the name implies, with the well-known spiced rum brand Captain Morgan. “Shiver me timbers,” Applebee’s wrote in the announcement, “for there is a new booty to discover across the seven seas.”

$2 Captain and Cola
Credit: Courtesy of Applebee's

Thankfully, Vice President of Beverage Innovation at Applebee’s Patrick Kirk left the pirate talk to the marketing team when describing the promotion. “Rum and cola is a classic combination, but we wanted to make it special when we picked it for our next Neighborhood Drink of the Month, so we crafted it with our number one selling rum, Captain Morgan,” he said in plain English. “When you get your hands on a mug of Captain and Cola for only $2, it’s going to feel way better than returning those holiday gifts. You’re welcome.”

As has been the case in the past (dating all the way back to the very first Dollarita), these cheap cocktails are served in a 10-ounce mug. Also, the rest of the usual boilerplate applies — meaning price, participation, and availability may vary by location.

Oh, and for the record, don’t call it a “Captain and Coke;” these mixed drinks are made with Pepsi. One slip up like that and an Applebee’s server might just make you walk the plank! Or, you know, say, “It’s Pepsi. Is that okay?”