Credit: UIG Platinum / Contributor/Yvonne Boyd / EyeEm

If you thought 2017 was the year the people over at Oreo finally came to their senses and stopped releasing billions (approximately) of new flavors, prepare for continued disappointment: Recent rumors suggest that the world’s biggest cookie brand may have already slated a new flavor for as far out as Labor Day of next year: Apple Pie Oreos!

The speculation about the most American of Oreo flavors began last week when a blurry image – like a photo was taken of a computer screen – featuring packaging for the alleged new flavor was leaked by the Instagram account @junkbanter. The Instagrammer didn’t say where the picture came from, however, the account does provide the additional info that “Apple pie will be the latest pie-turned-Oreo when these debut in advance of Labor Day.”

Though those additional details would seem to give some credence to @junkbanter’s claim, I’m left a bit skeptical. Yes, often times packaging of new flavors will leak in advance of the actual announcement, but fake mockups of mainstream foods isn’t unheard of either (Coca-Cola Garlic, for instance), and September of next year sounds like pretty far in advance for a product leak.

That said, an Oreo PR rep wasn’t able to confirm or deny the new flavor. And Apple Pie would seemingly make more sense than many flavors from the grab bag of ideas Oreo went with in 2016 such as Filled Cupcake, Fruity Crisp and Swedish Fish.

Plus, the truth may be that Oreo’s flavor release schedule might already be packed until next fall. Back in October, rumors were swirling that Peep-flavored Oreos were on the docket for this coming Easter. Maybe Oreo already has 2017 mapped out and is starting to lay out plans for 2018! Hell, for all we know, maybe the ancient Mayans had a calendar that predicted Oreo flavors until the year 4772!

So here’s what I’d say: Brace yourself for Apple Pie Oreos sometime in the near future. Even if the leaked pic is dubious, someone over at Oreo was definitely like, “Hey, that’s a good idea! Add it to the list!”