But of course, a number of conditions apply.
take out delivery
Credit: YinYang / Getty Images

Over any two-week period, plenty of people are likely to order restaurant delivery online at least once… if not at least 14 times. (Cough.) From now until April 2, Apple Pay is offering to save you a few bucks when you inevitably do. However, taking advantage of this promotion isn’t as easy as drunkenly ordering a pizza at 2 a.m. in the morning. You have to follow a few steps.

According to 9to5Mac, the offer was sent out to Apple Pay users via email (a bit quaint, really) and includes the following conditions. First, the offer only applies to orders placed with Grubhub, Seamless and Eat24 – which, for those of you following at home, are now all technically the same company. (Grubhub owns them all.) Second, you have to use the promo code “HOOPS” during checkout. (Yes, it is March, and this is technically a March Madness promotion.) And third, you have to pay using Apple Pay – which should probably seem pretty obvious.

Even then, delivery fans have to keep a few other things in mind. First, users are limited to only three free deliveries during the promotional period. Second, the promotion will end after $100,000 worth of delivery redemptions have been made – so technically, it may not last all the way through to April 2. And third, the deal can’t be combined with any other discounts: So seeing as how delivery fees are usually no more than a couple bucks, if you have a better promo code, that might be something to consider.

Sure, it’s all a lot to remember, but every dollar counts and most deals come with a lot of terms and… What was that? You took a break while reading this article to order dinner online and you just said to heck with the whole thing? That’s understandable. Online food delivery didn’t become the next big thing because people today are so patient.