Steak, Overhead

Since this is a food loving crowd, there is a good chance some of you may be considering either gifting or asking for a fancy sous-vide cooker this holiday season. But if you believe everything you see on YouTube (and you shouldn’t), here’s something you may want to consider: You might already own one and not even know it.

In the video above, the YouTube channel Cook With demonstrates how simply running a vacuum-sealed steak in the dishwasher at 120 degrees for 90 minutes can achieve (apparently) the sous-vide effect. Granted, once the steak is already vacuum-sealed, you could theoretically sous-vide it in any steadily temperature controlled hot water – whether it be in your dishwasher or by really cranking the heat in the hot tub in your grotto. I’m not implying one of those methods would impress your dinner guests more than the other; I’m just saying theoretically they would work equally well.

Also, though using your dishwasher to sous-vide may be a cool trick, it does seem a bit wasteful to run an entire dishwasher just to cook a steak – even on “eco” mode, as the video shows. So if you must give this a try, maybe just slip the steak between some dirty dinner plates. Sure, it sounds a bit gross, but hey, the steak is vacuum-sealed. If you really think your dinner guests will find it disgusting, just lie to them and say you used the hot tub in your grotto.

[h/t Eater]