Here are our favorite moments from the debate over Green Apple vs. Lime.

skittles long lost limes
Credit: Courtesy of Skittles

Lime Skittles have been missing from store shelves since 2013. Maybe you never noticed.

Our readers did.

Yesterday, we published an article about Skittles new "Long Lost Lime" packs, which will soon be available at Walmart stores nationwide for a limited time only. The special edition release includes all the traditional Skittles flavors you know and love (Orange, Lemon, Grape, and Strawberry) plus a formerly-beloved flavor, Lime. Four years ago, parent company Wrigley/Mars Inc. stopped making that Lime flavor in favor of Green Apple.

After we posted the article to our Facebook page, the Food & Wine community rallied together in defense of what they've deemed the greatest Skittles flavor of all time, cruelly discontinued before its time. Here are a few of our favorite impassioned comments:

  • "Yes!!!! I love to eat the lime and lemon together. When I eat skittles I take a handful and separate by color and eat combos or just a single color at a time." — Edward Holt
  • "I NOTCED!!!! I hate the green apple and loved the lime. Thank goodness." — Kerri Metcalf
  • "Zima is coming back. Now this? Did I die and go to heaven?" — Kevin Bender
  • "They should just leave the lime ones and take away those stupid apple ones." — Chantel Bridenstine
  • "Green apple ruined skittles, bring lime back permanently! Please!" — Valerie Travers
  • "Bring the lime back full time!!! Does anyone even like green apple anything?" — Megan Beatty
  • "[They're] one of the only lime flavors in candy that is good." — Jeannine Smith
  • "Yay ! They should really just leave limes and kick green apple out I was so mad when I bought a pack of skittles one day and it was green apple ...I was like what the F just happen! [sic]" — Jasmine Richard
  • "Yes! I'll buy them again. HATE...HATE...HATE the green apple. Did I say I hate them...because they're despicable!" — Dawn Champnella Baeckeroot

There were a few dissenters in the bunch, of course...those who weren't such big fans of Lime's return. "Now I have to make another batch of Skittles vodka," lamented John Haack. "Or pick all the lime ones out and eat the rest."

Well, for those of you reading this over at Skittles headquarters, we suppose you can't win 'em all. You could, however, take Facebook user Meelah Mitchell's slightly off-topic but incredibly shrewd advice: "How about you add more red Starburst to the pack!! I'm just throwing that out there!!" Even with all-pink Starbursts available, there's just no pleasing some people!