By Joey Skladany
Updated October 03, 2016
Credit: © PhotoAlto/Odilon Dimier

If you're a fan of coffee, free things and avoiding a serious collision, you'll want to hear more about Toyota's latest app to reward safe drivers.

The Driving Barista, in collaboration with Japanese wireless company Au, can calculate the distance traveled of a facedown phone in a moving car. After the first 60 miles, the app rewards its user with a free cup of Komeda Coffee. From there, a free coffee is gifted every 120 miles.

Before you think you can cheat the system, the phone's GPS and internal gyroscope will trigger a "FAILURE" message if tampered with. This means you can't move it, run with it, turn it around or open your home screen without ruining your chances for a free latte.

Since the app is currently exclusive to Japan, we need something like this in the U.S. (but with rewards in the form of doughnuts or pizza, please).