By Mike Pomranz
Updated July 25, 2016
© Peter Dazeley/Getty Images

Thanks to the recent WikiLeaks release of thousands of Democratic National Committee internal emails, Democratic donors have come under a lot of scrutiny. But a Philadelphia-based group is hoping to paint Democratic donors in a positive light… Democratic food donors, that is.

Food Connect is the latest app that seeks to reduce food waste by digitally matching those with excess food to the pantries and shelters that need it. Though Food Connect was originally founded in 2014, founder Megha Kulshreshtha targeted this year’s massive Democratic National Convention and the tens of thousands of people it will bring into Philadelphia as the perfect major rollout for her organization’s new app. “The app was created to streamline the process,” Kulshreshtha told HuffPo. “We’ve all pooled together to divert food waste from a central access point, which is the app.”

Any restaurant, catering company or vendor can become a donor assuming the donated food meets certain specifications. Once signed up, the app allows these food donors to specify the location where food is available for volunteer drivers to pick up. Donors can even choose from specific recipients if they like.


Regardless of how successful the Food Connect app is during the convention, Kulshreshtha says it will continue to serve the Philadelphia area afterwards. For now though, she’s optimistic about the opportunity the DNC provides. “There seems to be a lot of interest from donors to use the app but it’s hard to say how many will donate until the events start and surplus food becomes available,” she said. “In that sense, the ball is in the donor’s court and we hope they will choose to donate their surplus food instead of throwing it away.”

After all that’s happened leading up to the convention, DNC members could probably use some good press – or at least some good karma – right about now.