By Noah Kaufman
Updated March 11, 2016
© CaiaImage/Getty Images

Where are you eating lunch today? Is it at your desk? It’s almost definitely at your desk. You will make sandwich crumbs in your keyboard and spill soda on your reports.

Recent research suggests that perhaps up to 80 percent of us eat lunch at our desks. But A Ukrainian tech company founder has decided it’s time for us to take back our lunchtime and eat at real restaurants. Stas Matviyenko is the founder of AllSet, an app designed to make it easy for people to take lunch breaks at local restaurants without the stigma of being gone for hours.

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AllSet, currently launched in San Francisco and New York and coming to LA and Chicago, works with eateries who have generally been losing business as the desk lunch and fast-casual trends took off, to schedule diners’ meals. You use the app to order and pay before leaving the office and the goal is to have your food served within five minutes of sitting down so you can eat and head back to the office as quickly as possible.

While AllSet has already received $1.5 million it also makes money off each meal by charging diners $.99 and restaurants $1 according to Eater. But if that can increase business for restaurants that have been losing customers to places like Chipotle and Sweet Green, the charges will be worth it.

According to a release from the company, AllSet claims it will save diners 40 minutes of time during every meal.

That means they’ll probably still be spending most of the day hunched over their desks, but it will at least let them see beyond their cubicles for at least a little while. Because no matter how glamorous we may try to make them, desk lunches are just no fun.

You can download the app here.

[h/t Eater]