Members of #TeamSpritz are encouraged to wear orange in solidarity. 

Aperol Spritz
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The Aperol Spritz is a pretty unassuming drink; the simple combination of prosecco, seltzer, Aperol, and ice makes a light, refreshing aperitif with hints of bitter citrus. But if you've spent five minutes on the Internet lately, you've probably seen the all-out war that broke out over said spritz, sparked by a New York Times article that declared the aperitif "not a good drink." The author (who received a James Beard nomination this year for her book Apéritif: Cocktail Hour the French Way) cited low-quality prosecco, the sugary taste of aperol, and dilution from ice as reasons why the spritz reminds her of…Capri Sun? Almost immediately, the Internet came to defend the drink's honor—in fact, Grubstreet countered the story with "Entire Internet Agrees Aperol Spritz Is, in Fact, Good".

Here at Food & Wine, we're decidedly #TeamSpritz. We have recommendations for where to drink them in Rome, several recipes for making them, and, even if you're not into spritzes, a few other uses for Aperol, too. (Try combining it with gin and thank us later). So when we heard that The Springs—a Palm Springs-themed bar in Greenpoint, Brooklyn that serves a mean frozen Aperol Spritz slushie—would be hosting a "Rally for Aperol" this Friday, May 17, we were all for it. The event dedicated to all things Aperol will run from 4 p.m. to 2 a.m., and offer guests discounted Aperol Spritzes and Aperol Slushies for $10 a pop—bonus points and $2 savings if you show up wearing orange in solidarity.

The Springs, Greenpoint.
| Credit: Courtesy of The Springs.

Courtesy of The Springs.

The first 50 people who order an Aperol drink at The Springs will also receive a special pair of Aperol-branded sunglasses. It is, after all, Aperol's 100th anniversary this year, so it feels like an appropriate, albeit highly branded, celebration. However, if you're not New York-based and still want to show your support for this very, very serious issue, here's how you can make the perfect spritz at home. The recipe serves 14 to 16 people, and is ready in seconds—need we say more?