Credit: Courtesy of Burger King/ Getty Images

If you’ve ever been eating a Whopper and thought to yourself, "I’m really digging this, but I’m not particularly into the whole burger thing,” your prayer has been answered. I say “prayer” instead of “prayers” because this is a very specific prayer, probably had by a very specific person.

According to GrubGrade, a Burger King in Hermitage, Pennsylvania, has been spotting testing out a new “Whopperrito” – which is exactly what it sounds like: a Whopper served in the form of a burrito. Details on the bizarre Whopper-burrito-hybrid have been scarce so far outside of a photo of a window advertisement that does indeed show what looks like chopped up hamburger, cheese, lettuce, tomatoes, onions and pickles wrapped in a large tortilla. From the photo, the inclusion of ketchup and mayo is unclear.

However, someone with the handle Laura seems to have tried it, commenting, “It has spicy cheese sauce instead of actual cheese. The whole thing is too ‘wet’ – the cheese sauce mixed with the vegetables (lettuce, tomato, pickles, onion) is a lot of moisture. The proportion of burger to the rest of the ingredients is way off and the cheese sauce is too spicy. And it’s hard to get all of the ingredients in one bite. I won’t order it again.” Though the validity of that review cannot be officially confirmed, based on the fact that she thought it tasted weird, I’m going to say it sounds accurate to me.

Thrillist was able to confirm that, yes, two different Burger Kings in Hermitage said they are currently serving up Whopperritos. However, Burger King’s corporate office remained mum on the odd menu item.

But the good news for BK is that it doesn’t really have to make any sort of comment. If you start serving a burrito version of a Whopper called the Whopperrito, you can be assured the internet will spread word about for you.