"Everyone should experience radishes with butter at least once in their life."

Since landing on Queer Eye as the show’s resident food and wine expert, Antoni Porowski is steadily building a culinary empire. Last year, he opened his first restaurant, a healthy fast-casual reboot of New York’s Village Den diner with the likes of a Greenwich breakfast bowl (yes, avocado included) and paleo- and keto-friendly mushroom-stuffed turkey loaf on the menu. And on September 9, Porowski’s first cookbook—Antoni in the Kitchen—makes its debut, including 100 recipes that are reportedly “very personal” to him. At the 2019 City Harvest Gala, Porowski shared his favorite recipe from the book, and it seems he's as passionate about radishes as he is about avocados.

Antoni Porowski
Credit: Jim Spellman/Getty Images

The first thing Porowski called out is hunter’s stew, which he says is an homage to his Polish heritage. It involves plenty of meat—sausage, pork, and bacon, and has a bit of sweetness.

“Basically, instead of using beer, which is a little too hoppy, I use a bottle of red wine,” Porowski told Food & Wine. “I make it like a beef bourginon, so it’s sweet and sticky, and I add a bit of plum jam into it, which is a very Polish thing as well, just to bring that caramelization in.”

In addition to a robust hors d'oeuvres selection, many recipes pay tribute to his favorite restaurants. One recipe comes from Fatty Crab—“you’ll know which one that is when you read it,” he said, cryptically—and the other is a NoMad dish.

“They have these lovely radishes that are dipped in tempered butter, with pink peppercorns and chives,” he says. “So they’re festive and really cute, and everyone should experience radishes with butter at least once in their life. That’s what I always say!”

While September 9 is still pretty far off, you can watch Porowski at work in Queer Eye season three, which premiered on Netflix in March. Or, dive into the streaming service’s new culinary docuseries Street Food, which takes viewers all around the world to learn about…well, street food.