The guiding spirits of the Philadelphia-based design store throw an F&W dinner party

Food & Wine asked Glen Senk, the president of the furnishings and clothing company Anthropologie, to set the table in his 1752 house in Philadelphia for a small dinner party. "I like to mix pedigreed items with street finds and a bit of the unexpected," says Senk. And that's what he did. He and his partner, Keith Johnson, lit the sideboard with antique lanterns, filled an earthenware bowl from Anthropologie with coleus leaves instead of arranging flowers in a vase and set out the bread on a well-worn cutting board. The place settings combine new Simon Pearce glasses, vintage flatware, flea-market napkins and old French crackle-glaze plates that Senk and Johnson may reproduce for their stores.

When it came time to serve F&W's sliced duck breast with dried sour cherries, Johnson produced a big antique ironstone-china dairy platter he discovered in England. "I liked it because it's quirky," he says. "I knew I'd find a good use for it." For more information about Anthropologie, call 800-309-2500.