Anthony Bourdain's New NYC Food Market: Details and Updates

New info revealed on the celebrity chef's street food mecca

Anthony Bourdain
Photo: Courtesy of CNN

Celebrity chef, writer, and television personality Anthony Bourdain announced last year that he'd partnered with Stephen Werther to open an expansive international street food market in New York City. The ribbon cutting was planned for early 2017, but it turns out the 155,000 square foot Bourdain Market project is so ambitious it won't open until 2019. The venue is equally ambitious: Pier 57, which sits on the Hudson River by the city's Meatpacking District.

In a recently published interview with Vogue, Bourdain explains the hold-up—just the logistics of persuading and organizing the best small-business owners and street vendors from cities including Tokyo, Barcelona, and Bangkok to New York, NBD—but seems confident that everything will work out just fine. "You bring the people in who know what they're doing and you let them do it," Bourdain told the magazine. "You bring in the guy who's the best chicken-and-rice guy in Singapore and just let him do his thing... We're working on it, man. Housing and visas, that's day one."

In September of last year, Bourdain told the New York Times that the space would host 100 vendors, including Xi'an Famous Foods, prepared food stalls from April Bloomfield and Ken Friedman, Australia's Victor Churchill butcher, and Mexico's Sabina Bandera.

In actuality, the long road to opening day may be paved with a few bumps—including the current absence of a signed lease. Unfortunately, there's still no signed lease on the Pier 57 space—and there's a chance that the designated location might wind up in someone else's hands altogether. "Word is that developers have recently been talking to the Gansevoort Market team about taking over the 155,000-square-feet of space instead," Eater reported in July.

As for us, we're more than ready for this feast.

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