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Only a few weeks’ ago, Anthony Bourdain told Adweek that when it comes to his planned massive NYC food market, “We've got to get it right.” Well, turns out getting things right will take at least two years longer than anticipated. The website for the superstar chef’s forthcoming facility has recently updated its language to say “coming 2019” as opposed to its previous 2017 prediction. Hopefully he doesn’t forget to keep renewing his URL for the next three years.

Bourdain Market, which is slated to open on Manhattan’s Pier 57 – a bigtime revitalization project in itself – is intended to be a globally-focused, 155,000-square-foot, year-round, indoor, public food market, somewhat similar in spirit to places like Eataly which opened a location in NYC in 2010 with the help of another celebrity chef, Mario Batali.

But like so many things Bourdain touches, his market is slated to be an even more intense project: three times Eataly’s size, bringing in vendors from around the world. “It's a huge, huge, huge undertaking,” he told AdWeek, later stressing, “It's a lot of visas. It's a lot of vendors both here and abroad” – over 100 in total, he predicts. “We cannot disappoint, OK?” he continued in the interview. “One grandmother comes in and says this Hainanese chicken is not at all like what I enjoyed back in Singapore or this budae jjigae is totally not anything like what I enjoyed in Seoul, and we're doomed.”

Sure, but New York City is populated by more than grandmothers. There are millions of other New Yorkers – most of whom are notoriously impatient.

[h/t Eater]