It’s been 16 years since a not-so-gray-haired Anthony Bourdain gained national attention with the release of his best-selling book Kitchen Confidential: Adventures in the Culinary Underbelly. Famously, one of the many things a younger Bourdain revealed about the restaurant “underbelly” is that “I never order fish on Monday.” The logic was that, at the time in his home city of New York, fishmongers were closed on weekends, meaning Monday’s fish probably spent the weekend doing something other than swimming about in the ocean.

However, he we are in 2016, and plenty has changed. (I’m not even going to mention politics!) Bourdain is now a silver fox who spends a lot less time in a kitchen and a lot more time on camera. He recently did exactly that, sitting down on camera with Tech Insider to discuss how the restaurant industry has changed in the past decade and a half as well – including how it deals with seafood. And now, the Parts Unknown star is changing his tune.

“Do me one favor, people, please,” Bourdain requests. “Eat the fish on Monday.” He continues in a tone trying to shake a monkey from his back, “That was 16 years ago. It was a very different world.”

You can watch the short 90 second video yourself to hear the nitty gritty about what exactly Bourdain believes has changed, but he wants you to know that, even though he is known for being strongly opinionated, when things change, he’s happy to tell you about it and change his tune as well.

That said, the chef admits, “Regrettably ‘don’t eat fish on Monday’ is going to be on my headstone.” Yeah, especially if he dies from eating bad fish on a Monday.