Bourdain slammed the then-presidential candidate for his culinary choices and immigration policies.

By Food & Wine Editors
Updated May 24, 2017
Donald Trump, Anthony Bourdain
Credit: © Alex Wong/Getty Images; © CNN

Anthony Bourdain has already said he'd never dine with Donald Trump—and in a recent roundtable at a culinary getaway held in Puerto Rico, we now know exactly what the author and Parts Unknown hostfinds objectionable about the president-elect's dining habits (possibly in addition to his politics).

"Donald Trump eats his steak well done," said Bourdain in a conversation that also included José Andrés, Eric Ripert, and Tim Love. "He likes fast food. He loves Big Macs, though probably a Quarter Pounder would be better for his tiny little fucking fingers."

Bourdain went on to slam Trump's anti-immigrant stance—during the campaign, Trump called Mexican immigrants rapists and criminals, and he has since pledged to deport as many as three million immigrants upon taking office—and pointed out his lack of familiarity with non-American cuisine.

"He's never been seen with chopsticks," Bourdain said, of the then-candidate. "He hates people who come from outside of the United States. Imagine him at a Chinese State Dinner trying to handle chopsticks."

"Well done steak," he added, as if in disbelief.