Anthony Bourdain and Eric Ripert Launch New Chocolate Bar

Bourdain and Ripert have the perfect stocking stuffer for the chocolate-lover in your life.

eclat anthony bourdian chocolate bar
Photo: Courtesy of Brett Thomas

Last year, Anthony Bourdain and Eric Ripert took time out of their packed, world-spanning schedules to create their very own chocolate bar, called "Good & Evil." And now, they're at it again, reteaming with the Pennsylvania-based Éclat Chocolate for a new bar known as "Salt & Sin." Available exclusively from Williams Sonoma, the 2.6 oz bar features 72% cacao chocolate made from Fair Trade organic cocao beans (so labor practices are probably not the sin the name is referring to). It is, however, flavored with the "complex notes" of Himalayan sea salt, orange, fennel, and spices, which may be a bit more devious.

The chocolate collaboration between Bourdain, Ripert, and Éclat Master Chocolatier Christopher Curtin actually stretches further back than just last year. The "Good & Evil" bar was re-released in 2016, but made its debut in a pricier, $18 form back in 2013. Shortly after, Bourdain and Ripert spent some of the Peru episode of Parts Unknown attempting to explore the supply chain that produced their bar, and the lives of the farmers producing it firsthand.

In 2016, the bar was rebooted with an updated recipe and lower price of $12.95, the same as the cost of the new Salt & Sin bar. The combination of flavors is par for the course for Éclatwhich is known for its Parallel Bars: chocolates with contrasting flavor pairs like "Porcini & Thyme," "Zuta & Orange," "Porcini & Thyme," "Green Tea & Toasted Rice," and "Allpsice & Sesame Seed."

But the question remains: which chef is salt, and which is sin? Well, back when the "Good & Evil" bar was rereleased last year, Ripert told Food & Wine in response to a similar question: "I will let you guess which one is good and which is evil!" Perhaps the truth won't be found until Hollywood finally produces the full version of Bourdain and Ripert's action movie that the world so badly needs to see.

Eclat Chocolate Salt & Sin Bar, $13 at Williams Sonoma.

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