The hungry raconteur is launching his own digital only platform. 

By Joey Skladany
Updated May 24, 2017
David Paul Morris/Bloomberg via Getty Images

CNN's Parts Unknown may highlight chef Anthony Bourdain as he explores the roads less traveled, but his next pitstop is at a place that's all too familiar: the world wide web.

In conjunction with his hit cable series, the outspoken TV personality will be partnering with CNN president Jeff Zucker to create a "mobile-first" company titled Explore Parts Unknown. Another step in CNN's evolving lifestyle brand, providing content beyond the breaking political headlines (aka everything Trump does, says, eats, breathes, etc.).

According to the Hollywood Reporter, the site will produce "original longform journalism, video, photography and interactive content," including a digitally exclusive, six-episode series starring Bourdain. The show will also premiere congruently alongside Parts Unknown with the intention of "go[ing] as far as [they] can, as weird as [they] can, as deep as [they] can and as smart as [they] can."

When asked about the prospect of ratings juggernaut President Trump (whose Apprentice success stems from Zucker's reign at NBC) appearing on his program, Bourdain responded "President Trump is not a person who, in my 30 years of watching him as a fellow New Yorker, has ever exhibited anything resembling curiosity about anything outside of himself."

"I could most charitably say I can't really see him as an engaging subject. The world he lives in seems very, very small," he added.

Trump or not (and most likely not, considering his belief that CNN is #fakenews), Bourdain's latest endeavor is a true testament to the power of digital programming and storytelling beyond a newsroom and teleprompter. To keep up with companies like Netflix, Hulu and Amazon Prime, it looks the cable networks will continue to offer web-exclusive offerings for its technology-addicted audiences.