Stir-Fried Chinese Greens
Credit: © Evan Sklar

© Evan Sklar
Stir-fried Chinese vegetablesThe New York Times Sunday Business section published a jaw-dropping chart showing how much packaged versus fresh food people eat around the world. Not surprisingly, Americans consume the most packaged foods—31 percent more than fresh. Americans also eat more pounds of food per person than citizens of any other country (though the Spanish aren't far behind). People in China, on the other hand, consume almost as many vegetables as Americans do fresh food. I may be biased (I'm Chinese-American), but that's got to be a healthier way to eat. I grew up with a mom who'd make dinner every night by stir-frying a vegetable, along with a few other dishes with both meat and vegetables. Here are some Chinese dishes to help get more vegetables into your diet: