The devastating earthquake that upended the city of Pisco, Peru, a couple of weeks ago apparently has displaced thousands of families and businesses across the city. One lucky survivor of this disaster has been the spirit named after the city, which has been gaining popularity in America over the past couple of years. This morning I spoke on the phone with an optimistic Diego Loret de Mola, a native Peruvian and spirits consultant who serves as the country’s de facto pisco ambassador. Loret de Mola flew down to Pisco last week to survey the damage. “The pisco industry hasn’t been affected much,” he said. “It’s the city’s underprivileged, obviously, that have suffered the most.” But de Mola said recovery efforts have been faster than anticipated. “The amount of support there so far has been amazing,” he said. Most pisco distilleries have minimal damage, he said, and should be back online before their distilling season begins in December. “If anything, this catastrophe will make more people aware that Pisco is an actual place,” he said.