He says that people should “do what makes you happy.”

By Mike Pomranz
Updated May 25, 2017

While younger kids waste their time with fidget spinners, teenagers are embracing a much more sophisticated fad: getting their senior photos taken at fast food chains. Ah, don’t you miss the old days when high schoolers time-stamped their immaturity by culling their senior quote from the lamest line of a Dave Matthews Band song?

Andrew McBurnie, a high school senior from Bourbonnais, Illinois, is the latest teen to make internet headlines by having his senior photos taken with fast food as his costar. For some reason, Taco Bell has been one of the most popular destinations. Brittany Creech of St. Louis, Missouri, pulled this same stunt back in 2015, saying her reasoning was that the idea was “honestly just a joke.” Then, last year, Knoxville, Tennessee’s Nathaniel Smith also went viral with senior pictures taken at the taco chain, saying that he was a fan of the food and that people should “do what makes you happy.” But in McBurnie’s case, he said he had a more inspired reason for making a “run for the border” for his pics. “The spot I took the photos in is where I've sat every time with my friends throughout high school,” he told BuzzFeed. That’s actually quite inspired.

Compared to some of these other fast food photoshoots, McBurnie certainly went above and beyond, donning a dynamic blue suit with black bowtie, a look that accentuated his blue eyes and coiffed hair. Even Taco Bell was impressed: The brand’s official Twitter account retweeted the photos with the comment, “Taco Bell’s next top model.” The teenager said that he didn’t mind the sound of that. “If, for whatever reason, Taco Bell would ever want me to professionally model a loaded potato griller, they know where to find me!” he told BuzzFeed.

Still, though McBurnie’s final photos look wonderful, the trend feels like it might be losing some steam. This graduation season alone we’ve also seen senior photos taken at places like Subway and Moe’s Southwest Grill. We’ll know it’s hit rock bottom when someone posts photos of them in a suit out back of a Roy Rogers on the New Jersey turnpike.