This week, Teigen confessed her love for Hot Pockets, while Wintour revealed she's a fan of burgers. 
Chrissy Teigen fast food
Credit: Dave Kotinsky/Getty Images

Earlier this week, Anna Wintour made a rare appearance on a talk show, sitting down with James Corden for a game of Spill Your Guts or Fill Your Guts. You might think that a game in which players have to either eat unpalatable foods—from a bacon-wrapped pizza and deep-fried butter, to a thousand-year-old egg—or answer embarrassing personal questions, might be below Wintour’s station (she is, after all, as Corden points out, a Dame of the British Empire), but to her credit, she came to play.

Wintour showed a more outgoing, high-spirited version of her usually reserved personality—confessing that she would “absolutely” sleep with Bob Marley if she had ever met him, which she hadn’t—but she also took another risk: She ate fast food. Corden explains to the audience that the Vogue editor’s “worst nightmare” is this decidedly non-gourmet variety of cuisine. He says that she won’t touch it, so in addition to the stranger food stocked at the table, Corden also provided the aforementioned pizza, as well as a burger with two doughnuts for the buns, and a chili dog smoothie. And Wintour played along. She—albeit hesitantly—did take a bite of the pizza in order to avoid ranking designers. But Wintour isn’t so far removed from reality that she can’t appreciate a good meal when she sees it: When presented with the doughnut burger, Wintour actually admitted that she likes burgers.

The fashion world’s perhaps unexpected embracing of fast food does not end there: Chrissy Teigen is the latest subject of Vogue’s “73 questions” video series, and when it came to getting real about her late night cravings, she did not disappoint.

First of all, the interviewer brought the model and cookbook author a plate of ripe bananas for her next batch of banana bread, and then she revealed that she’s writing her second cookbook. The highlight came when Teigen admitted that her late night snack craving is for Hot Pockets. That’s right, those gooey, greasy, pockets of cheese and fake pepperoni most normal people threw in the microwave in college when they were too lazy to cook. That’s her favorite midnight snack. She just gets more relatable every day.

Between the two of them, fashion seems to be having a love affair with fast food right now. Need more evidence? Fashion students in Miami made clothes out of McDonald’s wrappers. Taco Bell collaborated with Forever 21 on a clothing line. What does it all mean? That everyone—no matter how glamorous, well dressed, or wealthy—loves to indulge in a little junk food every once in a while.