Angie Mar Will Host a Dinner Series Honoring Julia Child, Jacques Pépin, and Other French Chefs

Hosted at The Beatrice Inn, the series will run from March to June—and you can reserve your tickets now.

Angie Mar Dinner Series
Photo: Johnny Miller

At The Beatrice Inn in New York City, chef Angie Mar's menu is filled with French influence. Foie gras truffle torchon here, champvallon de tête there, and 60-day dry-aged côte de boeuf to round it all out. This spring, she's paying homage to French cuisine by hosting a dinner series that will honor several famous French chefs—Alain Sailhac, Jacques Torres, Jacques Pépin, André Soltner, and Julia Child.

"Growing up, I would watch Jacques Pépin and Julia Child on television and cook from their books," Mar said in a statement. "They very much inspired the food of my childhood. Then, moving to New York as a young cook, I looked to the food of André Soltner, Alain Sailhac and Jacques Torres for inspiration."

"Now, as chef and restaurateur, I find myself in the position to mentor others, the next generation of future chefs and industry professionals. I have reflected on this greatly, and I strongly believe that in order to successfully set our next generation on the right track, it is imperative that they, and all of us for that matter, fully understand, appreciate and pay homage to those that came before us."

French chef dinner series the Beatrice Inn
The featured chefs. Courtesy of ICC

For each dinner, Mar will serve a menu featuring dishes from the chefs' respective cookbooks. The Alain Sailhac and Jacques Torres dinner will be on March 31; Jacques Pépin on April 28; André Soltner on May 20; and Julia Child on June 16.

The living chefs (Sailhac, Torres, Pépin, and Soltner) will be present at their respective dinners as the guests of honor, while the guest of honor for Child's dinner will be Alex Prud'homme, her great-nephew. Prud'homme is the co-author of Child's memoir My Life in France, as well as the author of The French Chef in America: Julia Child's Second Act.

While the menu is still being finalized, a representative for The Beatrice Inn was able to confirm the following dishes will be served: Champvallon of Lamb Chops at the Sailhac and Torres dinner; Chicken with Cognac Sauce at the Pépin dinner; Sea Urchin with Champagne Jelly at the Soltner dinner; and Boeuf Bourguignon at the Child dinner. Those interested in attending can email or call 212-675-2808. Tickets are $185 plus tax and gratuity, and wine and spirits will be offered à la carte.

Last fall, Mar debuted her first cookbook, Butcher and Beast: Mastering the Art of Meat, and launched a limited clothing capsule with Autum Studios.

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