This is the exact outfit we'd want to wear while eating a giant steak. 
Angie Mar Clothing Capsule
Credit: Annebet Duvall

This October, Beatrice Inn chef Angie Mar dropped her first cookbook, Butcher + Beast: Mastering the Art of Meat. The book is a love letter to the industry (and meat), filled with indulgent recipes, personal essays, and hazy, artistic polaroids. There’s Mar digging into a bowl of oxtail and escargot bourguignon; another shows Mar and her staff enjoying wild boar pozole verde in the kitchen.

It turns out, she loved some of the shots so much that she decided she wanted to take them beyond the book—and into a clothing line.

Enter The Beatrice Inn X Autum Studios clothing capsule, which launched on November 22. Autum Studios was founded by Mar’s brother Conrad and his partner, April Liang, and together, the three of them worked to design a unisex collection inspired by the restaurant and Butcher + Beast.

“The genesis of this capsule came from the process of writing Butcher + Beast and also the shoots I did for the book with photographer Johnny Miller and stylist Annebet Duvall,” Mar told Food & Wine. “We wanted to celebrate the rich nocturnal and decadent history of The Beatrice Inn and the images were so strong that I knew I wanted to use them for more than the book.”

Angie Mar Hoodie
Credit: Annebet Duvall

The spread includes hoodies, sweatpants, an oversized sweater, and a T-shirt, with prices ranging from $78 to $198. Some are simply decorated with phrases, like the green and white “Free The Beatrice” T-shirt and black “Saturday Night Oversized Sweater,” cheekily decorated with “Saturday Night in New York Mutherf*ckin City.”

Others, like the Big Poppa hooded pullover (shown in lead image), feature a polaroid taken directly from the cookbook. In this case, it’s a photo showing one of the Beatrice Inn’s signature drinks, the Big Poppa, made with white truffle gin, yellow chartreuse, yuzu juice, raw egg white, and gold dust.

“We wanted images that were tied to food but were more art interpretations than anything else,” she says. “We loved that certain photos in Butcher + Beast are food, but abstract, and you may not necessarily know the context of the photos, leaving it up to the imagination to interpret the scenario.”

The clothing is available globally on Autum Studios’ website now. Each item is limited to 150 pieces, and we have a feeling they’ll sell quick. But we also might expect more from Mar down the line.

“This was a collaboration that I was thrilled to do because it was with my family,” she says, “and of course, I would be happy to do more projects like this if the opportunity is right.”

You can hear more from Mar in our November issue, which features a story about her and Pat LaFrieda duck hunting in Arkansas, as well as on our Communal Table podcast.