The chef and TV personality shares the reasons he thinks you'll want to tune in. 

Credit: NBC NewsWire/Getty Images

Andrew Zimmern—the chef and personality behind the television franchise Bizarre Foods—is back with a new show that premieres tonight on the Travel Channel.

The Zimmern List, which you can watch beginning at 9 p.m., follows Zimmern as he visits his favorite food destinations across the country, sharing his favorite dishes and talking to the chefs and entrepreneurs working in the restaurants he adores.

“Most people are used to seeing me in the Bizarre Foods franchise, and those shows are shot with a much different point of view and style,” Zimmern tells Food & Wine.

Shot on prime lenses with a close-up, fast-paced style, The Zimmern List is a departure from many other food shows that waste precious minutes setting a scene. “Let’s say you’re doing a show in Venice,” Zimmern says. “In a 22-minute-long show, do you really need three minutes of the Grand Canal? Everyone gets it—so let’s not talk down to the viewer. It’s a waste of time to show me getting up from a table and leaving a restaurant. We’re not going to underestimate the viewer. They’re smart.”

With those extra minutes saved, Zimmern will take the time to get to know the men and women making the dishes and waves in the industry. For example, in tonight’s premiere episode, which takes place in Los Angeles, Zimmern will stop by Trois Familia for French cuisine and a conversation with chef and friend Ludo Lefebvre.

“I talk to him about the changing food scene in L.A.,” Zimmern reveals. “On the one hand, The Zimmern List is a show based on my choices, and that’s honestly the majority of what the show is about. There are a lot of shows that do that—but they don’t put any kind of social content in. Even given our time limitations, we really manage to showcase what makes a location unique from a cultural standpoint.”

Zimmern’s production company, Intuitive Content, shot and produced the show, giving Zimmern more editorial control of the content, he says. “The Zimmern List is the most personal show I’ve ever done,” he says. “We go places I would go whether a camera was with me or not. I’m basically a travel guide in an exciting new show.”