The Mad Genius Tips guest shares an absolute favorite.

"For my money," says special co-host Andrew Zimmern on the latest Mad Genius Tips, there is absolutely nothing more delicious than crispy chicken skin in a taco." You've already made the perfect duck fat tortilla to go with it, so now it's time to make that pivotal, crispy filling.

First, take the dark quarter of the chicken and run your knife around the leg. Make an incision on the back side of it, and peel the skin off the leg. Now it's easy to separate the leg from the thigh by just following the natural line, which, as Zimmern says while demonstrating, is so simple you can even do it with a butter knife.

Take the thigh, with extra chicken skin attached, lift the bone up, and cut across to remove it. This leaves you with the perfect portion of skin, meat, and fat, plus you can use what you sliced off in stock or a sauté. Put the skin in a tray, generously sprinkle it with salt, then squeeze on some lime.

At this point, Zimmern gives a useful bonus Mad Genius Tip: Don't over-squeeze your limes. The first 80 percent of the lime juice will be sweet and tart, but the last 20 percent is bitter!

Now put the chicken in the fridge for about 30 minutes. When you remove it, dab it with a paper towel. Then, heat your skillet, add just a bit of oil (since the chicken already has plenty of fat), and lay the skin in the pan. It'll crisp right up, turning brown, which ZImmern calls "the color of flavor." Get it "extra extra extra crispy," then throw it on your tortilla, and there you have it: Zimmern's perfectly crispy, extremely Mad Genius taco. Do they taste as good as he claims? Well, Food & Wine culinary director Justin Chapple certainly appears to think so.