By Aly Walansky
Updated March 04, 2016
Credit: © Tetra Images/Getty Images

We’re all guilty of sometimes forgetting (or “forgetting”) to remove foreign fruits and vegetables or liquids and gels from our luggage when flying, but one international traveler took questionable baggage to a whole new level.

A tourist headed home to southern China from Australia, evidently felt like he might need a bit of a nosh along the way—so he packed a live lobster.

The lobster was in his bag, packed in Styrofoam—the most sensible way to pack a live lobster if you don’t want it to mess with your clothing—when airport customs officials stopped him and apprehended the contraband crustacean.

The tourist claimed he was bringing the live 7-pound lobster home as a delicacy to enjoy with his family, but the officials would have none of it and destroyed the man’s dinner plans—literally. They killed the lobster.

Bringing animals into the country is illegal, and hence the sneaky attempt to slip through customs, but smuggling live lobsters isn’t as rare as we may think. Women were discovered carrying a suitcase full of them in Hong Kong just last month. Someone needs to get a Red Lobster into Shanghai ASAP.