By FWx Editors
Updated April 24, 2018
boxed chocolate
Credit: © Mari / Getty Images

Maybe your partner forgot to buy you a Valentine’s Day gift until the last minute, or maybe you’re just a cheap date. Either way, congratulations, you’re the lucky recipient of a crappy box of chocolates. Not the fancy, decadent kind. Not the hand painted, bite-sized works of art that chocolatiers have taken generations to master. We’re talking the good old-fashioned waxy sampler. The kind from a bin at the pharmacy. The kind you can’t peel the price sticker off of. The kind with a cartoon monkey on the lid that says “I’m bananas for you.”

While you should consider making your lover a delicious chocolate treat for February 14th, we know that sometimes necessity is the mother of impulse buys. And while no chocolate is necessarily bad chocolate, it doesn’t necessarily mean it’s good either. Here’s what we love to hate about a classic box of chocolates.

nasty boxed chocolates
Credit: © Arielle Cifuentes

And if you need some help deciphering which chocolates in the box are which, our friends at Real Simple have your back with this handy guide.