An Olympic athlete shares recipes inspired by the world’s best chefs.

Olympic athlete—and unlikely chef’s apprentice—Garrett Weber-Gale.Photo courtesy of Garrett Weber Gale.

Olympic swimmer Garrett Weber-Gale is a fierce competitor in the pool, but out of it he gets almost giddy when he talks about his internships (stages) at world-famous restaurants—experiences he translates into simple, healthy recipes for his website, At Maison Troisgros in Roanne, France, he learned that the tastiest way to cook lean meat is to sauté it with butter. “Most of the butter drains off,” he says. A stint at Copenhagen’s phenomenal Noma focused his attention on the purity of ingredients. “I tweeted chef René Redzepi, ‘Someday, I’d love to come learn from you.’ Within a couple of hours, he tweeted back, ‘You’re welcome anytime.’” Read on for Weber-Gale’s Noma-inspired potato-corn salad and other chef-worshipping recipes.

Garrett Weber-Gale’s Cooking Tips

On Rice Milk

“I use rice milk in my horseradish dressing, because it’s lighter and more delicate-tasting than milk or cream. I just thicken it a bit with cornstarch.”

On Freshness

“I grew up picking herbs from my grandmother’s yard in Wisconsin, but the cooks at Noma gave me a new appreciation for fresh ingredients.”

On Baking Pizza

“To get a crispy crust, you want most of the cooking heat to come from the top of the oven. So I bake the pizza on the oven’s bottom rack.”