Amy Schumer ran into technical difficulties during a Saturday Night Live sketch parodying the Food Network. 
Saturday Night Live blender
Credit: NBC/Getty Images

When facing a crisis in the kitchen, what do you do? Throw out your ingredients and start from scratch? Start uncontrollably crying? Well, you might want to take a lesson from Amy Schumer, who kept her cool on the latest episode of Saturday Night Live, when her blender stopped working during a sketch parodying Food Network cooking shows.

Schumer played a Paula Deen-type character named Kayla Manning, who loves buttery, rich, sugary dishes for every meal. Of course, that isn’t exactly a healthy diet, so Manning wrote a cookbook called Eating Healthy the Southern Way.

Here’s Manning’s idea of eating healthy: A recipe for “vegetarian” biscuits and gravy—which is just biscuits slathered in the usual gravy and “a little bit of chicken and sausage.” Looks like she’s a little confused about what eating vegetarian means.

Things start to get tricky when Manning introduces her recipe for a “healthy” smoothie because everyone knows that “If it’s through a straw, it’s healthy and that is a fact.”

She promises her smoothie—made with bananas, low-fat milk, and cinnamon—tastes just like pecan pie. Guess what her secret ingredient is? A whole pecan pie. Manning stuffs the entire pie into the blender—perhaps intending to drink it to prove just how delicious her recipe is—but the blender won’t switch on.

Ever the professional, Schumer refuses to break out of character and tells her co-stars Leslie Jones and Kenan Thompson, who are visibly laughing, that they’ll just have to trust her about how delicious the smoothie tastes. It’s too bad because I’m sure we would have all loved to see the look on Schumer’s face as she attempted to slurp down her super-sweet mixture.

Although the camera cuts away from Schumer given the mishap, she stayed in character for the entire segment, hardly flinching because the joke didn’t land. While I’d probably never drink a pecan pie blended up with some milk and ice, I do have to commend Schumer on her commitment to the part.