Get ready to be the best texter in your Friendsgiving group chat.
turkey gifs for thanksgiving
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Sure, you could just write "Happy Thanksgiving!! :)" but, if you really want to put a smile on people's faces this Thanksgiving, send them something that will really make them laugh. These gifs, ranging from delightful to oddly upsetting, are sure to get at least a smile out of people.

Let's start with the basics: just your average, run-of-the-mill can-can-ing turkey.

Friends fans will remember that heartwarming moment when Monica danced around with a turkey on her head, making Chandler accidentally say, "I love you." Non-Friends fans will just enjoy the silly dancing turkey.

While we're looking at 90s NBC sitcoms, how about that time that Kramer appeared a turkey on Seinfeld?

We're not sure what patron saint of the kitchen Julia Child is doing with this poor bird, but it is super bizarre to watch.

Speaking of bizarre, how about this twerking turkey? (Twerkey?)

You know that feeling when your turkey spontaneously turns into Miley Cyrus and starts wrecking ball-ing around your kitchen? No? Huh, weird.

How about this adorably horrifying gif of a Claymation bird discovering what happens to the unlucky fowl brethren once they're popped in the oven?

There was that time SNL's Vanessa Bayer became a giant turkey and ate out of a dude's hand. But hey, it'll freak your friends out less than the gif of the giant turkey making out with that same dude.

Another giant human turkey: this Addams Family Values turkey demanding to be eaten.

In this gif, you can watch Jimmy Fallon rolling through the hallways of NBC in a wheeled turkey.

Ah yes, everyone's Thanksgiving fantasy: floating away with the family from Bob's Burgers on a giant turkey that can fly Mary Poppins-style with an umbrella (and a spinning pumpkin).

Vegetarian? Well, enjoy this bizarre, turkey-flavored tofu brick, drumsticks and all.