By Mike Pomranz
Updated July 14, 2015
© Radharc Images / Alamy

The old song talks about buying some peanuts and Cracker Jacks, and during the events surrounding this week’s MLB All-Star Game, baseball fans take that to heart – buying an estimated 153,300 pounds worth of the former.

Unfortunately, no stats were given for Cracker Jacks (honestly who even eats those anymore?), but popcorn is pretty close and, according to NBC, Cincinnati’s Great American Ball Park plans to sell 1.026 million pounds of the stuff.

The other stats are equally nuts: 124,200 pounds of pretzels, 263,000 pounds of hot dogs, 77,000 pounds of sausages/brats topped with 8,700 gallons of ketchup and 2415 gallons of mustard. And somehow fans still find room to wash it all down with 301,000 gallons of soda.

Granted, things run a little different at the All-Star Game than your usual baseball affair. First, thanks to yesterday’s Homerun Derby and festivities surrounding the game, these numbers include an entire extra day of pigging out at the ballpark. Second, the gates open earlier for the All-Star Game to give patrons more time to enjoy the experience. Still, Great American Ball Park only has a listed capacity of 42,319. That means before the event even started, you could have filled every seat in the place with 6 pounds of hot dogs and they’d still all get used.