But the country's second best-selling brand might surprise you.

Butter: Though it might once have been trendy to avoid it for health reasons, it is almost universally considered to be delicious, and ends up in almost all your food. Baking a cake? It’s going to taste better with a couple sticks of butter thrown in. Eating breakfast? Don’t forget to slather a few cubes of melted butter on your toast and pancakes. It’s creamy, salty, fatty perfection, and most people just can’t stay away from it. But which brand do Americans prefer? You may not be too surprised by the answer.

The best selling brand of butter in America is Land O'Lakes, a classic that has probably appeared in your refrigerator at one time or another. However, the brand that came in second place isn’t quite as expected: It’s Kerrygold.

Land O'Lakes has a strong head start on Kerrygold, to be fair: Not only is it the biggest butter producer in the country, but it was also founded in 1921. Kerrygold has only been around since 1961. Still, sales of the Irish butter have boomed since then: Kerrygold sold 23,000 tons of butter last year alone, according to an article from Eater, which tracks how Kerrygold became so popular.

As of 2018, Kerrygold has already beat out last year’s number two choice, Challenge Butter. Land O’Lakes has outpaced every other butter brand by far, though. In 2017, for instance, the company reached $680.9 million in butter sales, compared to Tillamook’s $31.9 million, that year’s sixth most popular brand of butter. Last year, Kerrygold had already begun to climb the ranking, raking in more than $100 million dollars in sales.

Kerrygold butter comes from grass-fed cows in Ireland, giving it a lighter, creamier texture, and in my personal experience, it has a saltier—though not overwhelmingly so—flavor than many other classic butter brands. If you in love with it already, you might skip your go-to butter brand and give Irish butter a chance.