The USDA calculated exactly how many pounds of red meat and poultry Americans will eat this year. 
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Credit: Courtesy of Gilaxia / Getty Images

Attention meat lovers: If you tried your best to grill, braise, sear, and roast every cut of meat you could get your hands on in 2017, then you’ll be well prepared for the new year because the USDA predicts that the average American will eat more meat than ever before in 2018—a total of 222.2 pounds to be exact. That’s 10 ounces of meat and poultry every day.

U.S. Department of Agriculture says that this year those Americans will break a record set in 2004 for the most red meat and poultry eaten in a year. At the same time, 100 million pounds of meat products will be farmed in the United States this year alone—the most meat the country has ever produced.

The USDA also asserts that the demand for eggs will also reach an all-time high this year, and despite what you may have heard about the growing popularity of nut and pea milks, dairy products are still growing in popularity.

Yes, even though fake meat products—like the Impossible Burger and Beyond Meat—have been making the news lately, meat has not lost any of its appeal. The Impossible Burger may appear as though it’s “bleeding,” but Americans still agree that nothing beats the real thing. In fact, according to Bloomberg, Americans are eating fewer carbohydrates and demanding more protein in their diets. But everything is better in moderation: The USDA recommends eating around only 5 ounces of meat every day in order to retain its nutritional benefits.

No doubt you’ll continue to hear all about the growing number of vegan and vegetarian food options—including those you might not expect, like peanut milk—but if you’re not ready to give up meat just yet, don’t worry, you’re in good company. The rest of the country agrees that a good steak and juicy burger will never go entirely out of style.