By Mike Pomranz
Updated October 03, 2014
© Richard Levine / Alamy

Love snacking between meals, or even instead of meals? You’re not alone.

According to The Huffington Post, “Americans are spending much more on snacks like protein bars, chips and beef jerky, while overall grocery spending has remained almost flat.” Salty snacks saw a growth of nearly 5 percent. Trendy categories also jumped in popularity, including “nutritional bars” (up 7.8 percent) and Greek yogurt (up a whopping 16.6 percent).

"One of the big stories here is the blurring of what is a snack and what is a meal," James Russo, a senior vice president of consumer insights at Nielsen, told HuffPo.

Take cereal. Though cereal sales are in steady decline, more people are grabbing a bowl outside of meals, with brands like Special K now being marketed for lunch and dessert.

It’s all part of a growing snacking trend worldwide. When asked why they snacked, Americans, at least, responded overwhelmingly for “enjoyment.” Tell us some of your favorite snacks on Twitter using @foodandwine and #FWx.