Americans may have recently lost their “King of Beers” to the Europeans, but U.S. craft brewers are now challenging, if not out-doing, the Germans and Belgians with some remarkable beers.

Some truly unique American craft brews that have recently come across my desk at Food & Wine:

*Buckbean, a five-month old microbrewery in Reno, Nevada was co-founded by Daniel Kahn (former brewmaster at Buzzards Bay Brewing in Westport, Mass.) and is slowly gaining buzz in the craft beer world. Its Orange Blossom Ale is made from caramel malts, American hops and orange flower water resulting in a refreshing, light, zesty beer that comes in eco-friendly 16 oz. cans.

*I’m usually biased toward lighter beers but Maui Brewing Company’s Coconut Porter, brewed with six varieties of malted barley, hops and hand-toasted coconut, is alluringly complex.

*I have never tasted anything quite like Hugh Malone, a barrel-aged and cellared beer from Maine’s Allagash brewery. A friend described it as a heavenly beer milkshake and I agree completely.

*For the guy who finds himself flying solo at the bar, there is now WingMan American Lager. The new brew, the result of a collaboration between El Monte, California-based Skyscraper Brewing Company and the Academy of Fine Beers in nearby Santa Ana, is light, smooth and superflavorful. Plus, there’s the added hilarity of the cheesy pick-up lines on the labels (“Do you believe in love at first sight, or should I walk by again.”).

Stay tuned for my upcoming blog on NYC Craft Beer Week, further evidence that American brewers are revolutionizing the beer scene.