America, You Have a New Colonel Sanders and His Name Is Norm Macdonald

First, Darrell Hammond was Colonel Sanders. Actually—correction—first Colonel Harland Sanders was Colonel Sanders. This real Colonel actually started KFC and starred in many of the company's ads.

Unfortunately, Colonel Harland Sanders's commercial work was hampered by his death in 1980. But in honor of what would have been his 125th birthday, KFC decided to bring their founder and mascot back to life with actor Darrell Hammond in the role. But now KFC is passing the role off to another former Saturday Night Live performer, Norm Macdonald.

KFC's chief marketing offer, Kevin Hochman, openly acknowledges that there's a lot of wackiness going on at KFC right now. "Other than not quite looking like him, his voice being different, and his inability to cook the world's best chicken, we thought Norm was the perfect choice to play the Real Colonel," he said in a press release.

The real Colonel might just be rolling over in his grave. Meanwhile, Darrell Hammond is probably somewhere taking a nap.

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