Credit: © Craig F. Walker/The Boston Globe via Getty Images

As if college kids didn’t have it awesome enough already – with their tiny dorm rooms, raging keggers, boundless enthusiasm towards the future and complete lack of job prospects – students at Xavier University now have one more thing going for them: Their college is about to be home to North America’s first pizza ATM!

The Cincinnati, Ohio university has partnered with the French company Paline to bring their hot pizza-dispensing machines across the Atlantic for the first time, despite the fact that the same “ATMs” have been spitting out pizzas instead of cash in Europe for 14 years.

The machine will be stocked with 70 pizzas (featuring eight varieties of toppings), each of which will be handmade by members of the dining hall staff who had to undergo 40 hours of training with a French chef to be worthy of making a pizza destined for a drunk college kid. After receiving payment from a credit or student card (about $10 depending on toppings), the machine kicks into high gear, cooking the 12-inch pie up at 475 degrees before placing it in a box and spitting it out. The whole process takes about three minutes, according to Journal-News.

The pizza ATM will be open to the public starting August 8, though after 8pm, the building it’s in will only be accessible to students.

Of course, the obvious problem with the pizza ATM is that it is definitely not an ATM. An ATM allows you to withdraw an amount of money equivalent to an amount that you deposited elsewhere. If you had to deposit pizzas into a pizza bank to earn credit that you could then use to withdraw pizzas from one of these machines whenever you like, then that would be a pizza ATM. What we have here is actually just a plain old pizza vending machine.

Not that a pizza vending machine isn’t exciting, but wouldn’t an actual pizza ATM be more exciting? You could go the pizza bank, deposit a few leftover slices here and there, and then withdraw a piping-hot full pizza at a later date! I’m not saying it’s a logical or feasible idea; it’s just a more exciting idea.

[h/t Eater]