Real food is rolling out to 400 theaters around the country.

By Rebekah Lowin
Updated May 24, 2017
amc theatre pizza
Credit: © AMC Theatres

Good, old-fashioned popcorn will always be the ultimate movie theater snack. And us popcorn-lovers will make sure of that. What’s better than a tub full of light, airy popcorn coated in butter and topped off with a sprinkling of salt?


Sadly, though, the buttery treat we all know and love is not stopping AMC’s sales from slowing. With the continued rise of options for online streaming services like Netflix, attendance at movie theatres nationwide has been undergoing a general downward trend. And though the number of frequent moviegoers (those who see one or more films per month) increased by 26 percent in 2016, it was on the decline for three years before that.

That's why Adam Aron, the chief executive of AMC Theaters, is setting out to change things. As he told the New York Times, if he’s unable to attract tons more people to the theater, his new mission will simply be to get the patrons that are already there to purchase more food.
Introducing: AMC Feature Fare. It’ll include cheeseburger sliders, chili dogs, stone-fired pizza, salami bites, chicken tenders, popcorn in many different flavors, and curly fries. There are even some gluten-free options, but as Aron made clear, the goal of this new initiative isn’t to provide healthy options. It’s to allow patrons to truly indulge.

Nels Storm, AMC’s senior culinary director, told the Times that the brand “wanted to think more like a restaurant company.”

Of course, some of us have seen restaurant-style options at theaters for years at places like the Alamo Drafthouse. But now, the treats will be expanded to over 400 more theaters in the United States, and the menu’s been thoroughly revamped. AMC will spend a whopping $700 million on theater upgrades in 2017 to accommodate their new restaurant-like atmosphere.

The best part? You can still get three new flavors. Count us in.