Here are the latest locations to get a 10 percent discount at Whole Foods.
whole foods bought buy amazon recap
In what is arguably its most noteworthy acquisition to date, online retailer Amazon solidified its attempts to sell consumers everything by acquiring the popular yet struggling chain of organic grocery stores despite Whole Foods founder John Mackey’s vocal reactions before and after the deal.  Among the many changes were immediately lower prices on some staple items.
| Credit: Courtesy of Whole Foods / Getty Images

Earlier this month, Whole Foods unveiled deep discounts for Amazon Prime members (remember, Amazon acquired the grocery store chain last year). People got very, very excited to actually nab a couple deals at the upscale grocery store, but there was a catch: The discounts were only available at Florida locations. Today, however, Whole Foods announced that it has begun its nationwide rollout of the rewards program.

As Tech Crunch reports, Whole Foods has expanded the program to 12 more states so far, including Arkansas, Colorado, Idaho, Kansas, Missouri, Louisiana, New Mexico, California, and Texas. The discounts are slated be available at every Whole Foods store nationwide by the end of the summer. According to Yahoo Finance, Prime members must link the Whole Foods mobile app to their Amazon Prime account in order to access the deals.

If you live in one of the states where the discount program is already available, here’s what you have to look forward to: 10 percent off all sale items, as well as discounts on some of the store’s best-selling items. For instance, at Florida locations of the grocery store earlier this month, halibut steaks were on sale for almost half off at $9.99 per pound.

Prime members also get free two-hour grocery delivery. So far the service is only available in 10 cities, but Whole Foods has plans to expand this service as well.

Given these benefits, Prime is becoming increasingly popular—to date around 100 million people are signed up for the rewards program. However, the price of membership is steadily climbing: This year, the cost of annual membership jumped from $99 to $119.

100 million people is a lot of people but it’s not everyone, so expect Whole Foods and Amazon to collaborate on even more rewards programs that might just convince you to sign up for Prime (if you haven’t already).